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Small Business Real Estate

Small Business Real Estate Services

As a small business, Driggers Commercial Group is well aware of the challenges associated with business expansion, the need for capital, management of facilities, and the importance of location relative to clients and customers, suppliers, and employees. We know small business owners have a lot of options: leasing property, buying their own facilities, renting part of the facilities for additional income stream, and/or selling and leaseback of their facilities.

Before we make any effort to locate suitable facilities for your business, we will take the time to understand it, and your current and future needs. This will help determine your location, price point, and the physical requirements of your business.

Driggers Commercial Group can research your desired market and clientele – find out where they live, eat, and shop – and make sure the area has a cost structure that meets your budget. We can help you determine whether you should lease or buy space, and where to get capital for it.

We have worked with many lenders around the South. We can be a valuable resource in providing connections with both traditional capital sources, the SBA, and private lenders. We can also assist you with gathering information needed by the lenders.

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